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Talulah Bean Testimonials

I was looking for cute mama cloth, found Talulah Bean rated in the top 5 on Diaper Pin, so I tried it out, and I love the adorable prints, the soft minky and great absorbency. I've told everyone about them!

~Daniela W.
Rochester, NY

For the first time in years, I no longer dread that time of the month thanks to Talulah Bean products. I suffer from a heavy menstrual flow that is exacerbated by fibroids. The fibroids cause clots which add to the monthly drama.

After using Talulah Bean products for several months, the size and severity of my clotting has been cut down. Also, I don't live with the apprehension of bleeding through when I am teaching classes or any other activity for that matter. Talulah B products can handle my heavy cycle!

Thanks Talulah Bean for making my life better!

~Gretchen S.
Ellensburg, WA

I am new to mama cloth but I am already amazed! Customer service is really terrific and [they have] been as sweet as can be, even with special requests.

The minky is so soft and pretty and washes up beautifully, without a single stain. And I am shocked to see that my cycle is lighter and less crampy- a side effect that I have heard i had heard from others but didn't quite buy, lol! My Minky Beans are actually making me me enjoy my time of the month.. who knew?!

~Kate L.
Wilmington, DE


I LOVE your products.  I had a baby this year, starting cloth diapering, then investigated mama cloth.  Happened on your website due to the great diaper hunt and fell in love but was leery of the cost.  I was lucky enough to win a starter set you placed on eBay for a benefit auction.  I absolutely love the fit and feel.  Not realizing how much of a difference there is between companies, I bought some more at another benefit auction from [another company.]  They are nothing compared to yours!  They bunch up, slide around, and just aren't as comfortable.  Thanks again!

~Amy L.
Edna, KS

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