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Cloth 101
Why use cloth pads?

How do I choose the right reusable cloth pad?

How many reusable cloth pads will I need?

  • Your reusable cloth pads need to be changed about as regularly as a disposable pad. Depending on your flow, the following example may apply to you:
Day One
Heavy Flow
Day Two
Heavy Flow
Day Three Regular FlowDay Four
Regular Flow
Day Five
Light Flow
overnight BabyMoon BabyMoon Minky Bean Minky Bean Minky Bean Trim
daytime Minky Bean x 5 Minky Bean x 5 Minky Bean Trim x 5 Minky Bean Trim x 5 Minky Bean Basic Liner x 5
  • The total quantity and variety of cloth pads needed will vary by flow, changing frequency, and washing frequency.

How do I wear my Talulah Bean cloth pads?

  • Talulah Bean reusable cloth pads wrap around the panty just like a disposable pad. Unlike disposable pads, you won't find crinkly plastics or sticky adhesives.

  • Your cloth pads should be worn with the minky (or bamboo or cotton) facing up and the black fleece facing your undergarment.

How should I care for my reusable cloth pads?

  • Your Minky Bean Collection cloth pads are easy to care for! Minky requires no special laundering or presoaking. Simply toss in the wash, then move to the dryer.

  • Your Green Bean Collection cloth pads are easy to care for as well. By nature of being a non-synthetic fiber, your Green Beans are prone to staining. To minimize staining, rinse your Green Beans in cool water prior to laundering. For stubborn stains, you may use hydrogen peroxide. Also, placing your Green Beans in the sun to dry will allow them to bleach naturally and effectively.  Otherwise, just wash and dry!
  • Your Breezy Bean Collection cloth pads are low fuss, kind of like a tshirt. To minimize staining, rinse your Breezy Beans in cool water prior to laundering. For stubborn stains, you may use hydrogen peroxide. Breezy Beans can also benefit from sun bleaching. 
  • To maximize absorbency, wash and dry your new cloth pads at least two times prior to first use.

  • A few No-Nos: Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, laundry booster, ironing, or dry cleaning. These methods are simply not necessary to maintain your Talulah Bean cloth pads and can be harmful.

How can I store my used cloth pads until washtime?

  • The Stash Can is an excellent wetbag for storing your soiled cloth pads. It includes a hanging loop so it can be placed on a hook or on the toilet paper roll.  It is machine washable for easy care.

What about when I'm out and about?

  • Our Double-Zippered Clutch is a fantastic way to hold your clean and soiled cloth pads, in separate pockets, while on the go. In addition, Talulah Bean carries a full line of wetbags that are great for all sorts of purposes. Use them for diapers, wet swim suits, and more!

Can I use Beans for post-partum bleeding? What about incontinence?

  • Yes and yes! The luxury and comfort of cloth during your post-partum period cannot be beat! Your Talulah Bean cloth pads offer comfort, breathability, and ultimate softness when you need it the most. Additionally, our lay-in ice packs with soft-shroud are so soothing.  You can find Chilly Beans here and here.

  • Talulah Bean cloth pads work great for incontinence, too! No plastic chafing, no sticky adhesive. 
    If your incontinence is more severe, we offer a hidden waterproof barrier for your cloth pads at no extra charge. Send us a message at to set up your custom order!

Why don't your Talulah Bean cloth pads have a standard waterproof layer?

  • Our reusable cloth pads feature polyester fleece backings.  While highly moisture resistant, they are not technically waterproof.  Here's why:   

  • Polyester fleece offers plenty of protection for most women.  In addition to preventing leaks, the fleece is breathable, which allows for airflow and comfort. 

  • Some women may need the extra protection of waterproofing-PUL.  The waterproof barrier is less breathable but offers reassuring leak protection beyond polyester fleece. 

  • Most women find that polyester fleece alone is the best fit for them for comfort reasons.

Why does my order not ship immediately?

  • Talulah Bean is thrilled to have the opportunity to contract with talented work-at-home-moms (WAHMs) in our local area.  Because we are a small operation and do not outsource to China or elsewhere overseas, production can take longer.  Items available for sale, unless marked 'backordered' are generally on our shelves ready for shipping.  Occasionally, a component of your order may be on its way to Talulah Bean from one of our seamstresses.  For this reason, we like to set expectations appropriately for shipping times.  Most of the time, you will be pleasantly surprised that your order ships before the estimated shipping date.

How do Talulah Bean cloth pads help our planet?

  • Using the example in the table above, we see that during just one cycle the average woman may use 30+ pads. We can multiply this by 12 cycles per year to find that the average woman may use 360+ pads per year. By switching to Talulah Bean, you are saving our landfills 360 pads per year!

    And if we multiply yearly pad use by 30 years of cycling, we find that a woman who uses reusable cloth pads is saving our landfills 10,800 disposable pads!

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